Caring for your clogS

Poppy Sunday

Poppy Sunday


Keeping them pretty

As they are made primarily from natural materials, please note that these babies will not last long if you wear them in wet and/or dirty conditions.

Protect the upper with your favorite fabric protectant prior to wearing and, as with all clogs, be careful not to knock the soles to prevent the wood from chipping.

If the soles do chip, which is super common, you can smooth the damage out with a very finely grained sandpaper easily.

The rubber outer-sole will wear down or become loose from wear and love. We recommend you visit your local shoe repairer if this happens and they can easily replace it.

If your clogs start out a bit stiff, not to worry; the embroidery and leather just need to soften to the shape of your foot. You can help this along with an even spray of water, from a spray bottle, applied directly to the upper just before your first few wears.