Pausing, looking back and sharing our three key learnings with you after a year in the biz.


 Gemma & Raquel


When we launched, it was terrifying to conceive all the opinions that people would have about what we were doing; both busy with full time jobs, family and other extra curricular responsibilities, we knew there would be unsolicited thoughts shared on adding another task to the agenda - before people even saw the product.

However, the urge to create, build something from the ground up and truly own it was strong and undeniable - we had to throw caution aside and jump in; and when we did, it was hard to reign in the outpouring of creativity and freedom that came out of not giving an F, and doing something that was purely for ourselves.


Looking back at the evolution of our color ways and patterns from SS18 to FW18/19 was quite a trip.

We’ve done it all this year; from rich, deeply saturated colors and candied tones to barely there. And, we CANNOT wait to show you how we’ve approached color and texture for our new SS19 collection - which is launching very, very soon. See a sneak peek to the left.

Learning to collaborate with our audience (you lovely people 😊) has also been major; we have learned that it’s not just about us.

For a product that others can also relate to, it’s about following the cues of what your audience responds well to and marrying that with our personal inspiration to create a shared, and more broadly relatable, vision.

This evolution to perfect our offering, striving to create something truly irresistible to our customers and satisfying for us, is evergreen.

Patience, compromise and understanding

The relationship evolution from friend to business partner and friend is one where you ride highs and lows together, have way honest and tougher conversations than you ever needed to before, but continue to laugh often and build in fun to all that you do, as you can see from our last shoot.

Becoming business partners is basically adding a new member into your family; you combine your styles - from working to visual aesthetics and everything between, you learn to leave your ego at the door, listen, meet in the middle and grow as a team & individuals as a result.

We cannot wait to see what year two has in store for us.



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