A cosmopolitan city irresistibly juxtaposed with tropical sun, sand and warm waters. Throw in a bustling art & design scene, Caribbean culture, historical architecture and some of the best food and drink out there and you have yourself a perfect long weekend.


 Gemma & Raquel



This Art Deco paradise has a rich, varied history that only adds to its modern day splendor; it’s lived through hurricanes, was a playground for the rich and famous in the 1930s and 40s & was even considered a bad neighborhood in 80s. However, it’s safe to say that South Beach is now firmly back at the helm of luxury and it’s there for good.

Wherever you stay in South Beach, The Kaskades suites at The Gale are our personal favorite, make sure you hit up their beach club; few things are better than being served a cocktail within feet of the warm Atlantic waters.

For a more traditional dinner spot in the Fall months, during Stone Crab season, hit up Joe’s Stone Crab and Stiltsville serves more modern, local fare all year around.

Washing it all down with a night cap at Mac’s Club Deuce, the oldest bar in Miami, is a must.



Who likes caffeine and sugar? Yes, us too.

While we couldn’t drink this every day, our first stop in Miami is always an order of either Café Cubano or Café con Leche from El Pub to fuel us through any West to East Coast jet lag.

And while you’re in full vacation mode, indulge in a decadent and truly delicious Frita - a traditional Cuban ground beef and pork patty on Cuban bread topped with shoestring potatoes, from El Ray.



If you're looking for an Instagram worthy wall backdrop to document your time in Miami against, this is your neighborhood.

Also, if you have a burning desire for some high end shopping, this area will scratch that itch too.

For sustenance, after all that spending and IGing, head to neighboring area Little Haiti for authentic Caribbean food.

On Saturday afternoons the Little Haiti Cultural Complex has a selection of the best local food vendors - sample and share a couple of dishes from each of them. You will not regret it.



Ok, while this may not quite be Miami, taking a 90 minute drive south of there to Key Largo is an absolute must while you’re in South Florida.

For a dose of warm, calm waters paired with rum cocktails, there is no finer destination. And the fact it’s in such close proximity to Miami makes it the perfect dose of peace after a busy few days taking in the city.

For an overnight stay, head to Airbnb vs. staying in a busier hotel. Find a spot with water access for vistas like this. And yes, that little spot in the water is a dolphin.


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