It all started with Tequila...

Santa Venetia Goods is a Bay Area brand founded by two longtime friends, Raquel Bedard and Gemma Greenhill. 

The idea for Santa Venetia was born during a party on Memorial Day, 2017. A friend of Raquel and Gemma’s was wearing a pair of vintage sandals that had a striking and visually arresting style. As the tequila flowed, they couldn't forget the shoe; fantasizing about a future as shoe designers they dissected what they loved about them and discussed what it would take to modernize, and reinvent them.

In the days following the party they decided this shouldn't just be a fantasy, taking the time to meet during lunches and evenings to come up with plans to start Santa Venetia. 

Between them, they have backgrounds in vintage fashion curation, shoe cobbling and fashion & textile design. Every ounce of this experience and expertise has been put to work to launch and run this brand; from designing, to partnering with other small businesses for supplies, to actually making these one-of-a-kind shoes by hand.

The result is avant-vintage, style-forward wearable art that reinvents a classic, footwear staple.